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About Trav-ellen' Inc.'s founder: Ellen Winchell Goldman

After a seven year detour as an attorney, I joyously returned to my travel roots as a leisure travel consultant in 1997. I was fortunate to have explored the United States and Canada with my parents and studied abroad in Spain and England. My most precious trips, however, have been spent in the company of my husband and three children. Our family's favorite destinations have been Spain, Italy, England, Israel, Turkey, Costa Rica, Belize and Nicaragua.

My travel philosophy is encapsulated in the phrase, “Sure, why not.” My job is to listen carefully to my clients and turn what they want into reality. The “want” is unique to each individual and varies over time and circumstance. I specialize in my clients versus particular geographical destinations. My personal travel quests have taken me to more than 60 countries and Antarctica, the best trip I never knew I wanted to take.

I graduated with Distinction from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University and earned my J. D. from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to earning numerous destination specialist certifications, I have served on the Virtuoso Active and Specialty Travel Planning Board and the Virtuoso Baby Boomer Advisory Team. For the past four years, I have chaired the Largay Travel Independent Contractor Advisory Board. Additionally, I have authored an article on Colombia for Luxury Travel Advisor.

Fun fact: I took all of the photographs on my site, except, of course,  those of me. If you are curious about any of the locations, just ask! I love to talk about two of my favorite hobbies - photography and exploring the world!

About My Travel Partnerships:

Largay Travel & Virtuoso

My affiliation with Largay Travel and Virtuoso allows me access to global travel suppliers and exclusive experiences you won’t find on the internet. No “cookie cutter” packages here— additional perks from hotels and cruises, skip-the-line and private “behind the scenes” tours, and “off the beaten path” adventures you haven’t even heard of—I can offer them all to you!


Learn more about my host agency Largay Travel and Virtuoso by clicking  their logos.

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