Professional Fee Schedule


I begin each new client travel matter with a detailed conversation, at no charge, to identify such trip specifics such as goals, preferences, concerns, “must haves”, fees and budget.  Only after this preliminary conversation, if the client desires to move forward, do I charge the requisite, nonrefundable professional fees.  These fees are due regardless of whether the trip materializes.  As mentioned in my FAQ, my compensation derives from both supplier commission and professional fees.  Neither alone is sufficient to enable the level of service I provide to my client. There are numerous models for advisor compensation, including hourly charges or annual subscription. I have chosen this transactional paradigm as the most transparent from the client standpoint.


Air only:



Customized land itinerary:

$250 for up to 2 people.  This rate includes 1 set of airline tickets per person. The fee for each additional person over 2 years old is $50 and includes one set of airline tickets. If an itinerary requires additional air tickets, the air ticket fee is $30/ticket/person.


Hotel only:

No charge if the client specifies the exact Virtuoso or preferred partner property desired.


$50 to research and/or book each hotel reservation (other than the above).  For a lengthy itinerary, it may be best to price as customized land itinerary.


Cruise or Escorted Tour:

$25 per person.


Rail and hotels or other suppliers which do not pay commission:

15% of cost of the component.



There may be other instances in which it is necessary that I charge a professional fee.  However, such arrangement only occurs after any such fees have been discussed with and consented to by my clients.