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Searching for the perfect gift?Give them something they’ll never forget - the gift of travel

This year more than ever we all need something to look forward to so this year give your loved ones a gift they will always remember - the gift of travel. Whether it’s a weekend getaway close to home to relax and unwind, a warm weather getaway for some fun in the sun, or the bucket list adventure of a lifetime like a safari in Africa or expedition in Antarctica the gift of travel is always the right choice.

Not ready to make a decision or unsure of where you or your loved ones want to go? Our new Travel Dreaming gift boxes are a perfect way to still give the gift of travel this year that includes a customized gift certificate for future travel as well as any other type of materials on trip specific destinations and experiences you would like to add. As a special thank you we will also include some of our own curated travel items to help you and your loved ones experience your next getaway to its fullest potential.


Personalized Travel Planning - $250*

This option allows you to purchase four hours of personalized travel planning services, including the following:

  • 15-Minute initial trip consultation

  • Use of the Wanderlist interest & destination platform

  • Suggested destinations

  • Research of destinations

  • Flight suggestions and planning

  • Accommodation recommendations

  • Transport logistics: planes, trains, car, ferry, subway, etc.

  • Suggested tours

  • Suggested activities

  • Trip insurance recommendations

  • Travel health review

  • Currency and banking preparations

  • Cell phone recommendations when traveling internationally

  • Packing lists and tips to prepare

  • Passport & Visa information

  • Trip financing and payment recommendations

* Note that this option includes travel planning for up to four hours of travel planning, which is the average time needed for planning a trip. For itineraries that require more extensive travel planning, such as multi-city itineraries, recipients can upgrade the package at the time of planning. This upgrade will always be discussed in advance of travel planning.

Personalized Travel Planning with Travel Certificate Add- Ons

  • Personalized travel planning with a travel gift certificate - $250 plus the value of the travel certificate, which can be used toward any type of travel.

  • Personalized travel planning with a specific trip or group departure - $250 plus the cost of the trip booked.

Wanderlist Travel Planning - Promotional Rate of $999*

This option is perfect for the family or travel circle who wants to map out their lifetime of travel dreams.

This option includes:

  • A Customized portals for each traveler linked results to compare common interests

  • Exploration of 160 destinations with videos, music, stories and more

  • Discovery of new experiences tailored to your interests

  • Determination of best times to visit

  • Accessibility by phone, tablet & computer:

  • Review, share and interpret traveler results

  • Map out future travel possibilities

  • Identify best travel dates by seasonality, value and personal schedules

  • Share savings opportunities

  • Forecast future travel investments levels

  • Present online and handcrafted Travel Portfolio book

  • Adjust plan as life needs change

* Wanderlist pricing retails at $1,500 and is being offered at a promotional rate of $999

Interested in more information on how to give the gift of travel this year? Just reach out via the Contact section of this web site and I will help you be a hero this holiday season!

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